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what we do

Explore your heroes through conversation. Each Eternal is created from the published works, lectures, and more of each person.

Jason Appleton

Marketing VP

Excellent Support

Have questions, we are here to help, or maybe it's just really smart AI...

Growing Eternals

Our Eternals are always growing and learning.

Endless Possibilities

The use cases for our Eternals are truly endless.

Unique Technologies

Our method for establishing our Eternals' AI models is unique.
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We Scrape The World

Our Eternals are modeled to be the most accurate representation of the individual and based on their writings, lectures, and more.  Want to talk to a President about their term or policies? Talk to a Crypto influencer about their favorite projects or opinions? A famous scientist about their opinion of something you’ve been pondering? Now you can.

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First set of Eternals to be announced soon!

Coming Eternals

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Eternalized F.A.Q

Our goal is to not only continue growing the number of Eternals available for your conversational research but continue growing each one over time.

While errors are possible, our models are generated from the written and spoken word of the Eternals life be it books, papers, lectures or speeches. Even chatting with the Cardano blockchain is like accessing every peer reviewed research paper, whitepaper and more.

Yes, we plan to establish an Eternal for every Hero and even “villian” of the past and present. Learning the mistakes of others can enlighten us to new paths for the future.

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To understand the future, one must speak to the past.

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