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What is and what is our plan? isn’t just a typical AI chat platform, it is a new vehicle for establishing eternal knowledge and experience to be passed down from generation to generation, always growing, evolving and teaching. As a 45 year old man, I remember my grandfather as being a funny old man that loved to read, however as a young teenager, I didn’t know the true value of his wisdom and experience nor the value of his history and stories. Today, family discuss things about him I had no idea about and entirely new perceptions of him have opened up and I wish so badly I were able to even chat with him today and have him tell me his stories in his voice. Sadly, wasn’t possible then, but it is now.

As we prepare the initial launch of our service, we will showcase the experience and knowledge of Youtubers, Scientists of old and other prominent people both for their positive contributions to the world, but also some for their negative contributions. To better understand the world of today we must understand both sides of our history and that isn’t possible by merely presenting one color of the rainbow that defines us. 

Being Eternalized

As we continue to expand our list of Eternals that will be utilized for anything from research or self education on an endless stream of topics, our goal is also help provide an outlet for those who aim to be immortal in spirit for their families for generations to come, always available anytime they are needed. Our Eternal models will be structured based on a variety of mediums such as written works, social media such as Facebook, and more as well as through a process of the selection of elements that define who you are such as Religious Background, Political Background, Era you were born, Hobbies, Ancestry and the like that when all combined into a conversational model will make your and your life’s experience an Eternal vehicle which your family will be able to visit and learn from anytime they want.

Being Eternalized isn’t about living forever, its about making sure our knowledge and experience is useful for generations.

I’m personally in my 40’s and I know now the value of what my grandparents could offer me today if they were still around. To hear their stories, life lessons, contrast of the times or even how they walked a mile to school, barefoot, in the show, both ways in their own voice would be priceless. I wish my children could sit at the computer with me and chat with their Grandmother and get even a glimpse into the loving, funny and often whimsical woman she was. Now is the time for our legacies to live beyond just the memories of a generation or two. is here to help achieve just that.

Virtual Partners

There are many in the world today that find themselves lonely for a multitude of reasons. Whether we suffer from antisocial disorders or are merely too busy trying to make our way in life that we dont have time for a real world relationship and maybe we are allergic to pets! Whatever the reason, we aim to offer a system by which you will be able to create your own conversational partner with a personality, look and life experience akin to what interests you. Engaging in conversation with someone that offers little more than conformity to your whims gets boring. We need to be stimulated to establish a true connection and confidence. 

Eternalized Virtual Partners will excite you while educating you on the topics of interest based on the traits you select for them, always growing and learning from you and other sources to keep the spark alive. began as a mission for one man interested in preserving his legacy for lifetimes to come and deciding to share the goal with others. 

In a world where information is censored, misused, changed and otherwise kept from the eyes of many, we should always be able to trust family.

We look forward to working with you.

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To understand the future, one must speak to the past.

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